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What is STEM?  It stands for: Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.  The letter "A" has been added for the Arts and the letter, "R" has been added for robotics.  The acronym has gone from STEM to STEAM and now its STREAM.  We wanted to provide educational toys thus the word, "Smart."  The toys should be fun and safe.  We started smart and fun toys to source the best educational toys that we can find that are fun, smart and safe.

As  we help the children who's parents can afford to buy educational toys we wanted to help children around the world who can't get these type of toys.  

We are giving 20% of our profits to International Justice Mission.  This is a legal non-profit organization that helps battle human trafficking or modern day slavery.

We find and source the best educational toys

We find the best selling educational toys and we source them with the best manufacturers that have the highest product quality.

STREAM toys break down into, creative, academic, cognitive thinking and motor skills. 

Academic toys include math and science kits.  The goal is to get children hands on learning.  Children today need  Experiential Learning.


We source toys that teach about motion, circuits, conductors, crystals, chemical reactions, human DNA and anatomy earth science, circuits, conductors, interactive pets, robotics and other complex topics.

More than Just Toys

As the founder of FUN and SMART toys I have 3 boys and look for toys that I would want my children to play with and someday my grandchildren to play with.  

Thank you for helping us support our mission.  

I wanted to provide safe and fun toys while helping children around the world who are facing the worst experience any person can face which is modern slavery.  Currently we are giving 20% of all profits to International Justice Mission a non-profit legal organization that is one of the most effective organizations in the world in stopping human trafficking.  My goal is to increase that percentage as we grow.

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